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Use your current fitness membership(s) to get access to more activities, at no cost to you!

Fitcitie rewards your commitment to fitness and lets you pick whatever workout best suits you.

Get more out of what you already have!

What is Fitcitie

Are you an avid fitness enthusiant?

Like trying new activities that can add variety to your fitness regime and want to find more?

Fitcitie brings you offers from our partner studios and gyms that are completly free!

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Earn rewards for workouts

Based on how often you work out, you will earn SweatPoints. You can get goals, stay motivated and redeem your SweatPoints for more workout options. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras a malesuada nisl, non blandit arcu. Aliquam feugiat dolor in rutrum placerat.

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Activities that earn SweatPoints

Below are just some examples of activities that you can do in order to earn SweatPoints!

The more you work, the greater the SweatPoints!

How It Works

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When you register, let us know what fitness activities you partake in and where. Let your fitness studio know about us! We will automatically assign you SweatPoints once you complete activities offered by your studio.

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Earn SweatPoints

SweatPoints will open up more fitness activities for you and some sweet gear too. Check you SweatPoints by logging into Fitcitie or we can send you weekly progress reports via e-mail.

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Trade your SweatPoints for Offers

Cash-in your SweatPoints for some cool offers like discounted merchandise, free fitness classes, healthy food options, and more.

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